While I was doing an internship at Televic Education, I and some developers had been talking about Teamweek (a task scheduling tool). By using this tool, you can see who has to do what and when. The only thing missing was being able to see what they actually are working on (are they on-, behind- or in front of schedule?). Having recently heard of Meteorjs, I thought creating such tool was the ideal opportunity of testing that framework (because it synchronizes data in realtime from database to browser and vice versa (=reactivity)).

The final idea was a simple GUI which displays a timeline where members of a team can tell what they are doing (and maybe an extension where a admin can assign tasks)



Meteorjs is a full stack JavaScript framework for developing web apps. One of the features which are necessary in this project is that it's data is handled reactive (synchronizing data between database and browser) and it stores data in browser so it can be used offline and then be synchronized when there is an internet connection available


D3js is a data visualization and manipulating framework. I've used this framework for drawing a zoomable and draggable timeline.


The result is available on Sadly Meteor moved it's hosting to Meteor Galaxy whereby the web app disappeared.